Is hardwired better than wireless?

The only draw back on wireless is having to change batterys between every two and three years and you should have had a preventative matinance service in that time.

If I get fibre can I still be monitored?

All of our new systems can be monitored through fibre using an inexpensive IP interface and we can monitor most existing alarms as well using a range of third party devices.

Can I have an alarm system that is not monitored?

YES. You have other options such as an Audible only alarm which makes a loud audible noise to deter intruders or alert the neighbours of a break in.

Would I be able to set my burglar alarm at night?

YES. Your alarm allows for full setting when you go away, part setting of a section of the premises or outdoor building, and night setting such as alarming the ground floor whilst keeping upstairs and the bedrooms unalarmed.

How long will it take to install my alarm?

It takes on average 6 hours to professionally install a standard hard wired alarm system into a home, office or shop. Wireless alarm systems takes less time in comparison. However large intruder alarm systems can take few days to install.

Will the intruder alarm work with my pets?

Through careful system design and professional installation, intruder alarms have been installed in thousands of homes with Pets with notable positive results. While there is no such thing as “Pet Proof Sensors” todays technology can accomodate limited numbers and size of house pets, albeit with some caution.

How reliable is your wireless alarm?

Our range of Paradox wireless alarms incorporate quality wire free alarm components from reputable alarm manufacturers.These wireless alarms are reliable and are increasingly popular with some clients.

Can I add extra sensors to my alarm package?

YES. Extra sensors such as Passive Infrared Detectors, smoke detectors and more can be added to your alarm package if required; at additional costs.

What guarantee do you give on your alarm systems?

We provide a three year parts warranty on the Paradox Alarm Panels and five year on the hardwired PIR’s. We also offer preventative annual alarm maintenance servicing at competitive rates to commence from the anniversary of the alarm installation.

How soon can you install my burglar alarm?

Ideally within several days from placing an order for a house alarm or small business alarm; however we can consider a fast track installation in emergency circumstances. Alarm installation for large premises may take longer subject to varying factors.