United Security’ Northlands messaging service, we answer the calls in your company’s name, take the message and distribute it. All calls are recorded and logged electronically.

We are the chosen messaging service for Whangarei District Council, Kaipara District Council, DOC, Animal Control, Noise Control, and many other businesses including IT companies, refrigeration companies, electricians and plumbers.

Small to Medium Bizz service

Calls stopping you getting the job done ?

Missing important calls  ?

Customers getting busy tone ?

$ 50.00 per month Solution,

Personalised Service Answer’s with your voice, records the messages/orders/phone number then Voicemail/Text’s them immediately to your phone/computer (two addresses) 24/7 you receive the usual incoming email alert, check them when YOU ARE ready !!!

Detail -Plus GST, Includes first 50 calls per week, $ 1.20 per call after that, need call divert/transfer on busy, answer after … rings, can have additional addresses, connection fee and first month $ 90.00.

Ring 0800 222 464 coms@unitedsecurity.co.nz