Often, homeowners with pets don’t set their home’s security system fearing their pet will activate too many false alarms  However, not setting your home’s alarm weakens your family’s defense against criminals. An essential component of your home’s security system, pet immune motion detectors allow you to set your home’s alarm with confidence and give your pet the freedom and comfort to move about an area of the house without setting off a false alarm.

With a traditional motion detector, when your pet enters the coverage area, a sensor is tripped and causes a false alarm. Pet immune motion detectors ignore the motion caused by pets by using 2 motion sensors instead of one to allow them to differentiate between humans and animals.  These sensors can also be used in a “harsh environment” like a garage or a shed, where there may be wind blowing through or spiders moving over your sensors.  For these detectors to activate, there are 2 sets of PIR (passive infrared) beams that must be broken to set off the alarm instead of one.

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