We operate a boat launching and retrieving facility for our 600 plus members at Parua Bay, aprox 15 km south east of Whangarei.

To provide security, we have two electrically operated and electronically controlled gates to control vehicle access/egress and two manual gates with electronic controls for pedestrians. All gates have card reader stations as does the water control system at the wash down area.

We also operate video surveillance and recording of the facility. We were having trouble with reliability of the equipment and requests to our contractor to improve this situation were falling on deaf ears.

Our Solution

In October 2010 we engaged United Security Northland who immediately carried out a ‘technical audit’ of our equipment and made some recommendations which we accepted. During that boating season we had no equipment failures of any type.

We wanted remote control of the card reader system, which was done in no time flat. We told them of high water bills from wastage of water in the wash down area. They came up with an innovative way to allow water flow control from a card reader station by using our existing equipment. We slashed our water bill by 65%.

We asked for viewing of the video systems from our home computers…done. And I can also view the cameras on my iPhone.

William (Bill) Bell