At night we keep our vehicle fleet behind our buildings off Maunu Road, which is close to the CBD. Our vans and cars were regularly getting broken into and vandalism was also becoming a problem in area.

We originally thought to have cameras store images of those people and hope to identify them or have the police follow up on the increased quality of information.

Our Solution

During a meeting with United Security Northland, John Kallu was skeptical about the end value of those images against the cost of gathering them. He suggested a far better option was to have high quality cameras that sent images directly to USN’s comms room in Whangarei. We already had Northern Districts Security carrying out a lock down check followed by random patrols so it was simple to have them carry out the response.

United Security Northland installed the LIVE FEED cameras with ‘screen popping’ on their monitoring equipment, so when anyone walks up to our vehicles or building (day or night), there is immediately a high quality live image at United Security Comms room and they act accordingly.

We have already had a significant reduction of people on our site and we even had an arrest as a result of having installed this product.