We install high-end urban coastal and rural homes for discerning people and our customers expectations are high both in products and workmanship. The expectations of our customers are very high. They are building beautiful, high-end homes that they want to protect, requiring high-end security systems offering state-of-the-art protection. They want control all aspects of their home, from security gates and cameras to spa and air temperature.

USN has tackled a number of these challenging projects for us over the last five years, always coming up with a solution that is unique to the customer and property, based on their individual needs.

Our Solution

Our customers love the iPhone app for remote controlling the alarm / doors / gates / spa / air etc. In addition the worldwide access to their indoor and outdoor IP cameras is more than a security benefit as it lets them jump online and look at their pride and joy – live – at anytime.

Having a local monitoring station which keeps a careful eye on the alarms and also verifies incidents with the cameras is a plus. In addition the monitoring station carries out regular checks to ensure the cameras are working and delivering the images they should be, without being obscured.

USN is a Northland electronic security icon and we are pleased to have them on our team.

Richard Hilton-Jones