My job as manager of the Steve Bowling Contracting group has a strong management and property security component. I was never confident that our premises were completely secure. I wanted to upgrade our security system to ensure the machinery and vehicles in the yard were protected, as well as protecting our offices.

We had four alarms, but they needed upgrading and we also needed to add further protection to key areas of the business.

Our Solution

In talking to Brent (while we were fishing!) he offered me a solution.

We upgraded all our existing alarms with USN and connected all four to USN’s local monitoring station. Now I can go online and see that all the alarms are set at night, and if I get a call that someone has opened an alarm after hours, I can go online and check who it is. It also gives me a log of staff who are working late or starting early.

I can also quickly follow up alarm activations and incidents and address any issues. I am now looking forward to adding IP cameras as an other layer of security and safety.

Dean Collinson, Manager