Our lovely beach environment homes and properties were under fairly constant attack by thieves who preyed on our remote location which on occasions is sparsely populated. In addition, there were occasional groups of rowdy vandals who caused property damage.

We wanted to feel safer in our community and as there is only one way in and out of Whananaki we asked United Security Northland to design and supply robust reliable camera system to record the vehicle and every number plate that goes past.

The camera system had to be able to withstand vandalism (and it does), work at night and during coastal bad weather, be easy to operate, and work effectively.

Our Solution

United Security Northland installed a dual camera system on a large steel pole with infra-red lights and in three years ago the cameras haven’t missed a single plate. We have had a significant reduction in burglaries / vandalism and the police have had three convictions through utilising the camera footage.

We also got great images of some people trying to vandalise the cameras!