Whangarei Girls’ High saw the need for a camera system for the school, but was constrained by a fairly tight budget. We had two predominant issues, historically identifying persons who graffiti or vandalize school property, and being aware of unsafe behaviour in and around the school, both during school hours and after hours.

The two scenarios meant we needed easy access to reliable high quality stored images and to be able to view live images from a number of sites. Images had to be of acceptable quality in all lights.

Our Solution

We explored and compared the two basic options, analogue and Internet Protocol (IP).

The IP camera images were quite superior to analogue, and the IP system was viewable from a number of computers. The analogue system images were to be stored on a number of stacked devices whereas the IP system is on one simple platform with one storage device a computer USN Built. . The other significant advantage was Cable USN had the ability build their own network on available dark fibers (within the MOE spec). We were able to create a separate independent camera network.
USN brought us a significant depth of technical ability and experience, their demonstration was professional and to the point, they went about the installation and subsequent additions promptly competently and on budget. The system did what they said it would and more. The camera solution has worked very well for us and is easily expandable each year as more funding becomes available for us to spend on additional coverage.

Kevin Dean, Deputy Principal