As the crowds slowly depart the beaches and drift back to the reality of the return to work and school, our coastal communities become less populated and more at risk of burglaries and vandalism.  Have you thought about how to protect your holiday property when it’s not being used?  If you already have an alarm installed, make sure it’s been serviced.  Like your car, alarm systems require regular maintenance and should be checked annually to ensure that, for example, batteries are not low, sensors are not compromised and are clean, and control panels are communicating properly. 

The other point to consider is that if your alarm does have an activation and a break in is committed, who will hear it and what is the likelihood that they will contact you or notify the police?  We can’t always rely on our neighbours to be our substitute alarm monitors as there are no guarantees they will always be home or on alert to hear your alarm.  The same applies for self-monitoring apps on your phone – these are fantastic but they do rely on a wifi connection or cellular data network to notify you that there is an issue – if you are out of reception then these notifications are not going to come through!

To ensure your bach or holiday property is protected in your absence, book your service or call us today for an alarm monitoring quote!