Unmonitored alarm systems are simply intended to scare off intruders as soon as they step foot in your home — but you’ll have to rely on one of your neighbours to call the police if they hear the alarm. And how often will they come to your property to actually check if there is an illegal entry? The point of monitoring is it gives you peace of mind – and it does work:

  • You know that your alarm is functioning because your panel calls in and logs onto a database every day, and our software looks for the signal
  • In the event of an activation SOMETHING happens. If it is a single activation then a key holder will be advised. For a multiple activation the Police may be advised – they may very well know of activity in the area and successfully apprehend the criminals.  Or, police may be able to obtain some DNA or finger prints from the site and achieve an outcome if they are advised promptly
  • Insurance companies often offer a discount for properties with a monitored alarm system installed
  • Commercially monitored alarms are a great staff management tool when combined with individual PIN’s. You have a record of when staff are entering or leaving the building, or when there have been entries made after hours
  • Where there are smoke alarms hooked up to your monitored alarm system, Comms can dispatch the Fire Brigade immediately in the event of an activation. This could potentially save your home or business
  • Panic or assistance required buttons can be installed, and in the event that these are activated, police can be dispatched to the scene immediately
  • With alarm monitoring, we can track an array of technical information that is useful in keeping your system in good working order. Issues such as Local Area Network fail, low battery, siren tampering, communication issues or corrupt data can be brought to the attention of our operators straight away, meaning less down time for your system and around the clock protection for your property or business
  • A lot of alarm systems often have an app to use on your cell phone. This gives you a window into your alarm’s functioning – however because the app does not poll or expect a daily test signal, you do not actually know if the panel is working. The connection between a panel and our monitoring system is almost continuously supervised (every three minutes in some cases). Cell phone apps are not reliable and come up against obstacles such as being out of data coverage, phone getting a flat battery and alerts not being heard if your phone is on silent.