The Sur-Gard receivers are very early American alarm monitoring receivers that we used from way back, they were second hand when we got them and would have been maunfactured in the 1980s (we started monitoring in 1992 – hence our phone number 430 1992).

They were very powerful and could be programmed manually to accept almost any alarm panel. We had them connected to our Patriot Software and really only used them as modems.

Sur-Gard had some great features, the best being ‘Listen In’ – after an activation you could listen via speaker to what was going on in a premises.  This was great for people who had triggered the alarm by mistake or to listen for intruder activity.  Unfortunately this feature was also illegal in NZ, so we never got to utilise it.

Our innovation and commitment to technology upgrades is ongoing, we are tasked to commission an app to allow you access to your monitoring account at Christmas time – our software suppliers have completed the app for Android and are working on Apple at