Many of our customers have been recently contacted by their phone or internet provider advising them the Chorus PSTN network (copper phone lines) will be closing and that they will be upgraded to a new service – voice calling over broadband. A couple of important things to note:

1. If you currently have your alarm monitored through your copper phone line, this will no longer be active. You will need to contact us and let us know you are being upgraded, and we will supply a solution to keep your monitoring service uninterrupted (costs may apply).

2. You do not have to agree to be upgraded right now. The PSTN network is not being shut down until 2022 and they are progressively moving customers over, but you can OPT OUT until the end of your fixed contract if you choose to.

Please give us a call on 09 430 1992 if you have any queries or concerns about these changes to your network.