After 32 years in the electronic security industry we have a firm handle on what alarm products will best suit your needs, as well as the expertise to install and maintain them. We have formed long term relationships with supply companies, giving our customers peace of mind not only through our product knowledge, but also through the fact that our suppliers continue to stand firmly behind the products and services we offer.

United Security is unique in that the core people in our company have certified electronic backgrounds. We have had the same staff for an average of 12 years, training a number of our own staff and others from different career paths.

Paradox MG5050

The MG5050 Hybrid Panel (hard wired and wireless) allows you to control your security system with remote control convenience and one-touch button ease, with the added bonus of a bi-directional receiver built in. Protect two separate areas with one single system, with up to 32 points of detection. The system provides immediate alarm notification on up to 5 telephone numbers, optional voice reporting module that announces pre-recorded message to indicate type of emergency and a full range of wireless transmitters, including remote controls, motion detectors, door contacts and smoke detectors are available. The MG5050 can control anything from a garage door to your hot water using the IP150 and the iParadox app and offer multi axis detectors (to protect your boat or classic car). The MG5050 kit includes panel, keypad, one remote, 2 Digi 55 PIR detectors, internal siren, and back up battery.

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Paradox MG6250

The Paradox 6250 Super Kit is ideal for homes and apartments where we cannot get any cables to either detectors or sirens. All we need to install this panel is a power source and a phone line, should you wish to either be monitored or phoned with any notifications. There is also the add-on option of the iParadox App, so you can access this information from your smart phone. Enjoy the full benefits of remote access to your home or business, including security monitoring and even turning up the spa! The Super Kit comes with the 6250 all-in-one panel, two wireless pet intruder detectors and a wireless door reed or a smoke detector.

We can even pre-programme the 6250 so you can fit it yourself. Extra wireless external (SR150) and internal (SR120) sirens can be added to this state-of-the art system.

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Spectra SP

Spectra is well known for its user friendly and top quality systems. The SP5500 is our mainstay panel and is a hardwired alarm system with five detection zones, which can expand up to 32 zones, suitable with a small business or home, and can be easily added to if needed. The SP5500 is very easy to use yet has some state-of-the-art features including various options for monitoring (internet, cell network or phone line). This system can also have the iParadox App for your smart phone with the addition of the IP150 module, so you can arm or disarm your system, open your garage door or even turn on your lights. The SP5500 Kit includes panel, keypad, 2 Digi 55 PIR detectors, internal siren, and back up battery.


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