CCTV cameras are now being used more widely as an another layer of security for your private residence or commercial business.  Cameras can be installed both inside and outside the premise, meaning you can not only discourage property damage, vandalism and theft from occurring, but you can easily keep an eye on your house and family during your absence.  In instances, where crimes do occur with a surveillance camera present, the chances of positively identifying the offender are significantly increased and law enforcers are more likely to be able to positively identify perpetrators with possibility of arrest and recovery of possessions.

Technology now allows us to have an app on our smartphones that enables you view your cameras in real time.  Our cameras are also often connected directly into our communications room for not only activation verification, but also to ensure the systems are working and no cameras have become obscured.  Our monitoring team will be able to see on a screen if there is a break in occurring and respond in seconds.

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